Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Red Elephant (more Minky)

In between fittings for the Prom dress muslin and waiting for the fabric to arrive, I finally made the elephant for my son.  Sam not-so-quietly reminded me of it every time I started a project for Stephanie.  It was about time!

He decided he wanted the body to be Minky (instead of just the ears as we did with the others).  A knit for a stuffed animal, really?  Hmmmm.  Another interesting project.    I found that the legs do not support the body well -- perhaps this is a result of the flexibility of the fabric -- a woven would probably have been a bit stiffer.  But Sam loves him, even though he is currently eyeless.  My black yoga pants and black fleece vest were covered in red fuzz by the time I finished.

Sam with his animal friends

Sam also insisted that I make another Minky pillowcase, and I couldn't resist.  A sweet little friend had extensive orthopedic surgery last week and will be in a hospital bed recovering for as long as 6 months!  He's really the cutest little kid you could ever imagine and we wanted to do something for him, imagining how tough it will be to spend that much time in bed.  My kids love their Minky pillowcases, and thought Johnny should have one, too.  And since he has a sister, she should also get one.  It was a fun, quick little project.

I've realized over the last couple of weeks that I really enjoy sewing for other people more than I do sewing for myself.  Good news for my daughter.

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