Thursday, April 25, 2013

Club BMV

It took a couple of days after finishing my daughter's prom dress to recoup the energy to even walk back into the sewing room.  I finally got around to cleaning it Monday evening.  [I use the term "cleaning" very loosely, even though a vacuum was utilized.]

My husband must have assumed that my sewing projects were on hiatus, and gave me his thoughts of how to spend my free time.  None sewing-related.  So he was a bit surprised last night when I mentioned that I'd just ordered several patterns.

"For whom?"  He asked.
"Guess!"  I answered.
"MEEEE?!" My eavesdropping daughter chirped.
"Nope.  Well, one is for you, but I actually bought a men's shirt pattern!"  I couldn't tell if the look on his face was surprise or horror.

McCall's sent me a $5 off coupon last week, so coupled with their current $1.88 sale, I couldn't keep myself away (even though I already own a dozen unopened patterns).  However, in order to get the $5 off, I had to first have $10 in patterns.  I ended the spree paying $14.95 in shipping and handling -- which is more than the merchandise.  How does that work?

Several months ago I purchased the Craftsy class for making button-down shirts, which listed Kwik Sew patterns in the recommended supplies - my rationale for trolling yesterday - however, I didn't like any of the KS patterns, so I migrated to McCalls and then Vogue.
Vogue 8889
I've read mixed reviews on Vogue 8889 - many negative - but I liked the cut of it better than the other men's patterns.  I am looking forward to trying this!  My husband has very long arms, so his dress shirts are made-to-measure.  I'm not hoping to replace his current tailor, but it will be fun to see what I can come up with for him - even if it's just a weekend shirt.

A button-down for me (I'm now worried that I already own this one - it looks so familiar):
Vogue 8747

For my daughter, some lace shorts.  We recently saw a similar pair, and they were really cute.  Perfect for a teenage girl's summer wardrobe.
McCall's 6756 ("Fashion Star")
Okay, I forgot about the SECOND pattern for my daughter.  This skirt seems so simple that I shouldn't need a pattern to make it, but how can you pass up $1.88 for a classic skirt pattern?  Actually $1.50 after my Club BMV discount.  It comes with a pant pattern, too.
McCall's 6757
So after the above four purchases, I STILL didn't have enough in my basket to trigger the $5 discount.  Even with the replacement rotary blades, because apparently they don't count.  So I ordered this:

McCall's 6514
My apologies to anyone who thinks these pants are stylish.  I still don't know what I was thinking.  Comfort, maybe?  I'm so glad it was only $1.50.  Honestly, I think pajama pants would be more flattering on me. Maybe I'm wrong, and I can come up with a great fabric.  I will have to check PR to see if anyone has made them -- I'm still shaking my head at this one.

In other news, I read that the SWAP deadline was extended to May 10.  I don't think that's enough time for me to get back into the game, especially since I had a really hard time finding the right fabric for some of my slacks.  I think my husband has other plans for me anyway.

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