Thursday, April 11, 2013

On Pins and Needles

My "prom anxiety" has dissipated a bit. It helps that my daughter does not seem at all worried about her dress being finished in time. After the prep-work, I do feel rather confident about dying the fabric perfectly, and expect to move through the dress construction fairly quickly.  Still, I will feel much better when the package of silk arrives!

My package from Nancy's Notions did arrive.  I ordered some silk pins, a double-headed tracing wheel and splurged on a big roll of tracing paper (instead of using the cheap tissue paper and taping it together, as I always have).  As usual, the box contained a bonus sewing machine needle.  My previous package from Nancy also included cat treats, a very random bonus.  The dogs enjoyed them, though.

no cat treats this time
Unfortunately, the tracing wheel didn't leave any marks on the paper.  Maybe it's the transfer paper I'm using?  How disappointing!  I purchased it in anticipation of making Burda 135 02-13 to assist with the seam allowances.
I will be sure to wear a bra with my version.
It looks so comfy! I bought a lovely purple rayon crepe for the main fabric, but haven't decided what contrast to use at the neckline and cuffs.  If I were doing it for SWAP, I would use some brown satin from my stash (and still may do that).  

Although I will very likely not finish SWAP by the April 30 deadline, I am still sewing my plan.  Such a good idea -- sewing with a plan.  Why didn't I think of that earlier?

While anxiously awaiting the mail delivery, I sewed the fasteners on my brown pants that I almost completed a month ago.  I suppose I can hem them next.  It has been calming to do a little hand-stitching here and there.  The RPL from Gorgeous Fabrics was a dream to sew with.  I'm sure it will be just as dreamy to wear, too!

I had some fun with the waistband, using pink satin ribbon to finish the inside edge with a fun machine stitch.  A whimsical touch that only I will see.

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