Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Blog Story

Welcome to my blog! 

I am an intermediate sewist with intentions of making herself a highly fashionable, well-fitting wardrobe.  In reality, most of my creations are for my teen daughter, who looks much better in everything!  Once in a while I manage something for myself, less often for my husband and son.

Because I tend to forget new techniques as soon as I learn them, I am starting this blog to help me keep track of my creations and all the lessons learned along the way.  I also hope to get feedback from the fabulous creative community of fellow sewists/sewers/tailors/seamstresses.

My full-time gig funds my forays into the world of textiles, but it also keeps me rather projects and posts will probably be infrequent as I struggle to keep up with my day job and busy family life.