Friday, February 8, 2013

Paralyzed by Indecision

My Bernina remains in the shop for maintenance -- I was told it would be at least two weeks -- so I kept myself busy practicing hand worked buttonholes for a few days.  Actually a lot of fun!  I realized after doing a few that my embroidery skills of my youth were still intact, and I needed to move on to completing the jacket.

After trying it on several times I decided that I really didn't like the feel of the shoulder pads.  So I considered taking them out.  Then I talked myself out of it, thinking that I must have had a good reason to put them in.  This conversation with myself continued back and forth every time I tried to do something on the jacket -- for several days -- until I told myself that I needed to leave them in. 

Jacket with shoulder pads over the purple(ish) blouse

I managed to do little bits of this and that with the jacket, but nothing substantial.  The pockets were already assembled, so I attached them with hand-stitches.  Even though they span the princess seams, the plaid matches fairly well.  It's actually difficult for me to differentiate the pocket from the jacket:

Pockets added to jacket
 The pockets are lined on the inside and interlined with organza to give the boucle some stiffness.

Inside of Pocket
Yesterday I wore another jacket that I made -- also with shoulder pads -- but it was soooo comfortable.  I spent the day thinking that they must be really small shoulder pads, and decided that I should open the lining on the Chanel and swap those pads for small ones.  Last night I finally opened one shoulder and was surprised to see that they were also very shallow (not tall) shoulder pads.  I pulled one out and tried the jacket on and lo and behold, I liked it better without the shoulder pads!  I double-checked with my husband, who agreed, so they both came out.  I did leave the sleeve heads intact -- they do a nice job shaping the cap and aren't in my way. I feel so much more confident about finishing the jacket now that the paralyzing indecision over the shoulder pads is behind me.  It's amazing how doubt can really hold you back.

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