Friday, February 22, 2013

A Prize for my First Follower!

How excited I was when I saw that someone actually followed my posts!  So,  I am giving a very special prize to this brave girl -- she will be the proud recipient of a made-to-measure Snow White costume!  That's right, my only follower is my daughter, who admitted that she is only following my posts to see the mean things that I write about her. 

Yes, I am taking a break from SWAP to make a Snow White costume.  I know it's not Halloween and no, we're not planning a trip to Disneyland.  She was asked to play Snow White for a local event in which the author of one of her favorite childhood book series (Sisters Grimm) is participating.  She was so excited about the opportunity that I hated to burst her bubble by saying "not unless they are providing a costume."  Who could deny the fairest of them all?

We did find something on ebay that looked pretty nice, but the event is just over a week away, and we can't take any chances on it not arriving or not fitting.  The local costume rental closed a few years ago.  We soon realized that our only option was to make one. She promised to help me with whatever I needed (uh huh) and agreed to accept Hobby Lobby or Walmart fabric.  She even offered to help sew it (she doesn't sew).  She would not agree to use it as her prom dress, however, which would have been very convenient for me.  [I'm sure her date would be happy to go as Prince Charming!]

I was shocked to see that Simplicity has an adult pattern.  My first thought was that we'd make a blue bodice and put it over a quick yellow circle skirt -- which probably would be quicker than this -- but S2813 does look exactly like the character.  As an added bonus, it also includes a Cinderella pattern!

The suggested fabric is broadcloth or gabardine -- much nicer to sew with than satin -- but it doesn't sound very princess-like.  We will run out tonight and see what we can find. As long as we can get the colors right, we can't quibble about the quality of fabric available.  And I promise to try to avoid writing mean things about my daughter while I spend every minute of my spare time on this.  Even if I don't finish SWAP by the deadline.

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