Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SWAP 2013 - The Purple SIlk Blouse, or "Get Back Up On That Horse!"

I grew up on a small ranch -- a "gentleman's farm" -- as my father called it.    My horse "Blaze" was a beautiful American Quarter Horse palomino, named for the white streak on her nose by my Uncle George who gave her to me.  She was gorgeous, but particularly high-strung, showing me the quick way down whenever she was spooked, which was often. 

My dad always insisted that I climb right back into the saddle -- bad advice in my opinion -- especially if you're still nervous and shaky with possible internal bleeding after a super-sensitive 1,200 pound animal just ran 50 mph and threw you in the dirt (or pavement).  But I do understand where he was coming from.  Nonetheless, I followed my best instincts and gave my finger a couple of days rest before I sat at my Bernina and finished the purple blouse.  No need to rush things. 

I think it is so beautiful in this fabric that I've left it on my dress form so that I can admire it every time I walk by.  It's technically not finished, since I haven't decided whether or not to insert shoulder pads.  I skipped them with the rayon version, as I liked it better without.  I haven't tried them on the silk version yet, but am leaning toward leaving them off here also.

Vogue 9771 in silk crepe de chine.
Now that I have three blouses from this pattern, I'm not completely sold on making a fourth.  The sleeve caps have a little too much ease for my taste.  Perhaps they were meant to be on the shirred side, but I would just prefer a smoother finish.  I did my best to shrink the ease out before stitching them in.  I suppose if I made it again, I would reduce the sleeve cap ease in the pattern by 1/2 to 3/4 inch. 

What I do love is the gentle drape of the cowl.  It's not too deep -- I prefer a higher neckline, since this is for the office -- and it's not too heavy.  Just right for me.  I also like the 3/4 length sleeves -- an adjustment I made, also just right for me.  And I would DEFINITELY sew with this fabric again.  Gorgeous!  By the way, Ann is having a 24-hour sale and this fabric is included. 

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