Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Welcome Back!

All is well here. I was just very busy over the past 2 1/2 years. We moved twice, remodeled one of the homes, and built a new one. Not much sewing -- at least no garments -- there were many window coverings, however. 

The single item of clothing that I have to show for the last 30 months is McCall's 6332 (out of print).

Great pattern, sorry it's OOP.

Several years ago, I made a last-minute satin jumpsuit for my daughter to wear to a charity gala. When a recent event was approaching, she decided she didn't want to wear her trusty black orchestra gown again, so asked for a (last-minute) velvet jumpsuit instead.

This is the original from 2012. If she appears to be awkwardly posing, it is because the crotch is a tad short.  As I may have mentioned, it was a last-minute request and she was "too busy" for fittings.  So I guesstimated some things.  She was very, very careful when she sat down that night.

After a weekend locked in my new basement sewing chamber, I churned out a pretty nice update.  I measured carefully and lengthened the crotch by about 1.5" and FBA'd the top.  The bust could have used more fabric.  (Once again, we didn't have time for a muslin.) She could comfortably sit down this time, but had to be very careful about arm placement to keep that full bust covered.
Source: Celebrate Arkansas Magazine
So here we are at the big event (it was December 2017).  Yes, that's me in an ill-fitting top because I ran out of time to tailor my own clothes. The jumpsuit was a hit. And I'm back to making curtains.


  1. You look great! And wowza! That's a busy couple of years.
    My husband just asked me "can't you sew curtains for the kitchen?"
    Physically? Sure but... :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, wrestling all that fabric around becomes tedious. I love the results, but my motivation for making curtains is waning.

  2. Lookging good - it's hard to see the details on the new jumpsuit, but the 1st one is so cute! We have moved twice in the last 2 1/2 years, moving into the home we built in Nov 17. I made a roller shade for the master bath, and I've been "almost done" with a pair of roman shades for the smaller master bedroom windows for a while now. The bedroom windows are all covered with paper blinds from Lowe's! I'm terrible!!

    1. I wish I had better pics of the black one.
      It is sometimes difficult to get the motivation for sewing more of the same thing over and over....


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