Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Several weeks ago, I received a call from senior management informing me that my job was being eliminated.  It wasn't a big surprise to me -- my now former industry had experienced price erosion for quite some time, and I survived several lay-offs, always surprised when my job was still intact.  You may wonder why I didn't look for a new job, knowing mine was in danger as long as I did.  The truth is, I just liked working there.  Ironically, my lay-off came in my seventh year with the company, so I'm calling it a sabbatical.

That Wednesday in mid-September was my last day at work.  I immediately settled in comfortably to my new role as a stay-at-home mom.  The timing of the lay-off worked well for my family, who had suffered from my business trips and working on weekends.  We decided it was a perfect opportunity to take care of the family.  My son is the beneficiary of my tutoring skills, my daughter claimed my extra time for her sewing projects and my husband, well my poor husband is probably still waiting to see more of me.  I seem so much busier now!

Butterick 5850: no surprises that the neckline was high...
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my daughter decided that Butterick 5850 *EASY* pattern  that she selected in August for an October event would not work for her after seeing herself in the muslin. The neck height in the back would definitely be too hot to dance in.  Frustrated, I told her that she could select a pattern from my stash, as I wouldn't be buying another.  Surely she could find a suitable pattern among the dozens hiding throughout the house.  Vogue 8648 just happened to be sitting around, while I viewed Susan Khalje's "Couture Dress" class over and over again on Craftsy.  Stephanie decided that it would be okay for a homecoming dress.  I now had all this time on my hands, and was itching to put my mad couture skills to work, so I agreed to make it.  The timing seemed so good!

Well, I'm not sure making a couture dress was the sabbatical that my husband agreed to sponsor.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he expected a cleaner, more organized house, a happier wife and better behaved children.  Instead, he got a dining room covered in silk organza scraps and loose basting threads, as his wife became obsessed with a new project.   At least the kids' behavior didn't get any worse.
"Please don't TOUCH me!"
On a positive note, Stephanie's reviews were enthusiastically favorable:
 - Favorite dress so far, at least ones that I've made for her [thank goodness]
 - Prettiest: it has a vintage vibe, with the circle skirt and a flattering neckline
 - Most comfortable: we did spend more than a week fitting the muslin, and it's nice and airy for dancing

Me?  I'm relieved that it was finished in time (an hour before go-time), and she likes it.  We didn't include any elaborate ornamentation, or any embellishments, but it's a dress that should serve her well in the future.  I am ready for a quicker project.  I bought Simplicity 2153 yesterday.  For myself.

My husband?  He's ready for me to finish organizing our house.  I didn't tell him about Simplicity 2153.

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