Friday, June 21, 2013

Creative Block

I'm at a creative standstill...I have yards of fabric, many, many patterns, but no drive to dive into a new project.   Nothing sounds interesting enough to me to make it worth my effort.

My daughter is away for most of the summer, attending a program three hours from home, so we don't even see her on weekends.  Although it is nice to have a relatively clean home, I do miss her company.  If she were here, I wouldn't be "blocked" on what project to start next.  She would suggest something (for herself, of course).

It's not that I don't have any projects on my "list".  I have several potential projects, including most of my SWAP items.  I am just missing the motivation to start one of them.  So I was a bit excited when I picked up my son's t-shirt for his robotics camp.  They handed me an adult medium --that looks like a large -- and he's not even a small.   

Sam: "It's like a dress.  Look!"  (Frowning.)
Grandma: "Just wash it and dry it on a hot cycle several times, and it will be fine."
Mom: "It's pre-shrunk, and it wouldn't shrink that much.  I can fix it, trust me." (Rubbing my hands together.)
Sam (with a doubtful look on his face): "Okay, fine."

Did I say I was excited?  About a cheap t-shirt? It was an opportunity to sew with a cotton jersey knit that I didn't buy, and he probably won't wear it again anyway.  Add to that -- I got to sew for my son.

It was a snap. I did it the easy way, though, by just using a jersey shirt that does fit him as a template.  Although I briefly considered deconstructing the sleeves, cutting it all down and putting it back together again.

The "jersey" stitch on my 930 worked out great for the hems -- it's not a cover stitch -- but fine for a kid's camp shirt.  The hems have even survived a couple of rounds in the washer/dryer without flipping up like they usually do on t-shirts (as in the original, above).  The "vari-overlock" stitch worked well for the seams.  And that was it -- he wore it comfortably to camp.

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