Friday, December 14, 2012

Who doesn't love to support a children's hospital?

Have you seen Wonky Wilma?  I learned of her from Scruffy Badger, and instantly fell in love.  Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing created the pattern and will email it to you for a donation to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity.  Our family is a big supporter of Arkansas Children's Hospital, and we all adore elephants, so I signed up immediately.  Coincidentally, my office had a "white elephant" party on the calendar, so I thought it would be fun gift that one of the young moms in the office would grab for her little one!

Wilma is only slightly wonky, in fact I think she is adorable!  I made mine with Minky ears, tail and foot pads, and used a funky print for the body that allowed me to place an eye-shaped pattern in the eye area and avoid using buttons, making it safe for little one who may want to eat a button.

My kids -- who are really too old for stuffed animals -- fell in love with her.  My daughter plans to make one for her white elephant party next week, as well as another for herself. My eleven year-old son begged to keep this one.  I now wish I had given it to him and just bought a gift card for the exchange.  As in the past, I was sorely disappointed with the office party.  Very little imagination was put into most gifts, and unfortunately, the person who opened Wilma was a young man in his 20's, who behaved as an unhappy toddler would when he saw the contents of the package.  He has probably already thrown her into the trash. 

I feel terrible that I wasted the little treasure on someone so unappreciative of handmade gifts.  I suppose I am spoiled, because anyone I've ever gifted in the past has been so happy to receive it -- or at least they were gracious enough to act as though they loved the gift.  Oh well, as we say in my business, "Lesson learned."  My daughter and I still plan to make a few of these for little people we know will enjoy her, and I think it is a wonderful gift that Janet has given to both the hospital and to those of us who sew. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Minutes a Day to a Jacket (New Look 6736)

Encouraged by the very creative and prolific Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life featuring my little blog, I am sharing the latest project that has kept me just a little bit busy...

Truly, I began this project with just five minutes a day, because that was all the time I could spare, until my time off around Thanksgiving.  I finished the lining and handsewing Saturday morning and wore it Saturday afternoon to run errands.

I've had New Look 6736 for quite some time, in fact, I believe it is now OOP.  I love the long version of the jacket and hoped to try out the sizing with a "wearable muslin" on the shorter jacket, with the intention of making a longer silk version as an evening coat.
With only a few minutes a day to sew, the short version took me way too long to even consider the silk version, especially since I intended it to wear tomorrow night.  I do love the fit of the short jacket, though, and am ready to make the silk version when time permits.  Just have to find the right fabric...

Fabric: a multi-color quilter's cotton, that is a bit busy for most clothes I would wear, but for weekends or running around town it makes a really nice little throw-on jacket.  Shades of indigo, beige, lots of black.
Lining: I added cling-free lining (pattern is unlined), but with cotton, lining is a must. 
Other: Added buttons (3 vs. 1), bound buttonholes, and in-seam pockets (for my phone)
Interfacing: Shout-out to Pam Erny's LOVELY interfacing...after my last experience with Pellon, I immediately ordered several types from Pam's shop and am so pleased with them: very professional look and feel, and quite easy to work with.  I will definitely replenish my interfacing stash from her shop!
Changes: I may nip in the waist a little bit -- it seems a bit baggy in the picture, but it is so comfortable to wear!  The princess seams would make it a fairly easy alteration.  Also, the sleeves seem long in the photo -- I didn't notice that when I wore it, though.  Maybe I spend my time with my elbows bent. 
Wide Collar: I like the look and feel of the wide collar -- but would wear a scarf if it's chilly outside.  With our unseasonably warm 60/70F days I haven't needed one. Not sure why it looks so wrinkled in the shot below -- maybe it's just the mannequin.  It is fine when I'm wearing it.

No other pictures worth showing...the pattern is so busy, it's tough to see any details!